Gro Emmertsen Lund, Ph.D.

Organizational Consultant and Education Specialist
Author and Serial Editor at The Danish Psychological Publisher

Sct. Laurentii Gade 17
6760 Ribe, Denmark


Gro Emmertsen Lund is an independent consultant, education specialist, researcher and member of NOISE; Network of Independent Scholars in Education.

She is working with organizational development, leadership development and cultural change processes. She is also lecturing in social constructionist training programs for leaders, consultants and other professionals, as well as supervising managers.

She holds a Ph.D. from Twente University, a M.A. in Evaluation from the University of Southern Denmark and a B.A. degree in Educational Science from University College of Southern Denmark. She has completed a series of courses in social constructionist training and leadership training, as well as a certificate as a restorative practitioner from IIRP.

As an author of several books and serial editor at The Danish Psychological Publisher, she has put social constructionist theories and approaches into practice in educational and organizational contexts; writing about social constructionist practices, school development, inclusionary and restorative practices, evaluation in a social constructionist perspective, cultural change processes, evaluation, leadership and work community processes (see the list below).

As a writer, researcher and practitioner working at the interface of learning psychology, organizational development and educational improvement, she brings social constructionism as the philosophical background of her work into action, working with systemic, appreciative, narrative and CMM-approaches.

Her research on social exclusionary processes in schools has played a pivotal role in school development and practices of responding to interactive troubles. As a keynote speaker in Denmark, Norway, Estonia, The Faroe Islands and the U.S., she shares her research as well as explores implications for practice. As a Taos Associate she has arranged international conferences in the Nordic countries, co-organized the international social constructionist conference at the Faroe Islands, and serves as a Faculty Advisor for the International Diploma in Social Construction and Professional Practice.

She serves on the Advisory Board of the NGO that works to create bullying-free schools. Gro has a large international network and engages broadly in various projects, partnerships and NGO’s with supervision and support.