Ralph H. Weickel

Performance Management, LLC
P.O. Box 24361
Lexington, KY 40524

Web: www.ralphweickel.com
Email: info@ralphweickel.com
Phone: 859-536–2488

Ralph Weickel is the Principal of Performance Management, an appreciative business consultancy, which brings 30 years experience working across a broad range of industries including financial institutions, utilities, defense contractors, healthcare, publishing and small businesses to amplify performance. Performance Management specializes in guiding businesses/individuals to identify core strengths and build on those strengths to permanently improve performance. Engaging all stakeholders in the process, Performance Management utilizes an appreciative inquiry process as the basis for strength development, strategy identification and performance improvement. 

The premise of the process utilized by Performance Management is to identify who the organization is at its best and then build on the best for future success. Performance Management specializes in working with organizations in:

  • leadership and team development,
  • strategic planning,
  • change initiatives,
  • sales and customer service,
  • employee engagement,
  • executive coaching and
  • fostering/developing an entrepreneurial spirit

Performance Management is committed to engaging the spirit and unleashing the passion of all stakeholders in achieving their performance goals. 

Ralph Weickel is a native of Germany and is fluent in German. He lives in Lexington, Kentucky and is an avid motorcycle rider.