Mark Huhnen, Ph.D.

London, UK

Mark is a systemic psychotherapist, coach and social pedagogue based in London, UK, although originally from Germany. He is also an actor trained in mask work and other more physical ways of expression and performance.

He is very interested in how inter/intra-action creates material and discursive realities that are more or less desired or unpleasant, unproductive or even outright making people and their material and relational environments unwell. Mark does not dispute that every time we say something we do something. Far from it. But he thinks that we have come to less attention being paid to the other side of the coin: Every time we do something we say something. Even if this something, this reality is more difficult to put into words. How can we still use it to create more desirable realities?

For his doctorate and for his practice (and of course others are welcome to use it as well) Mark continues to develop ideas and techniques that allow for an engagement beyond the word. He likes the idea of using a fuller range of expressions and actions, paying attention to all interactions between ‘elements’ of a system or intra-actions within systems.

Whether you are critical of the concept of power when it comes to living systems or whether you are thinking power is everywhere in the creation of knowledge and power and desire and reality, it is difficult to escape that a choice to focus on one modality of social (inter/intra-)action is also one of power and who gets more chances to create reality.

Mark sees himself bringing in a greater focus beyond the word in the context of a critique of domination, within small and large systems.

Mark offers consultation, coaching and therapy to individuals and small and large organisations from couples and families to larger organisations like companies.