Liping Yang, Ph.D.

School of Psychology,
Nanjing Normal University,
122 Ninghai Road,
Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province,
P. R. China. 210097

Phone: 011-86-181-1295-6578

Dr. Liping Yang, as a Chinese associate of Taos Institute, is a professor of psychology at Nanjing Normal University. She is also one of the main founders of TaosChina. Professor Liping works as a member of the board of three professional branches of Chinese Psychological Society, which are Qualitative Research Methods Professional Committee, Community Psychology Committee, and Theoretical Psychology and Psychological History Committee. She is also a member of editorial board of Psychological Exploration, one of the most important psychological journals in China, and a reviewer of as Acta Psychologica Sinica, Psychological Science, and Advances in Psychology, which are all professional top journals in China.

Professor Liping has been engaged in the promotion of social constructionism in mainland China for many years. In 2006, she published the Social Constructionist Psychology (Shanghai Educational Publishing House), which is the first systematic discussion of social constructionism in mainland China. The courses she teachers in her university includes: Community Psychology for undergraduates; Qualitative Research Methods for postgraduate students; Social Constructionist Psychology for PhD students. Chinese Translation Series of Social Constructionism (10 volumes), which Professor Liping and Mr. Kenneth J. Gergen co-edited has attracted tens of thousands of Chinese scholars and
practitioners. Liping Yang’s current research projects include: the mediation of various conflicts within the community; the application of qualitative research and mixed research design in psychology, etc.

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