Liping Yang, Ph.D.

School of Psychology,
Nanjing Normal University,
122 Ninghai Road,
Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province,
P. R. China. 210097

Phone: 011-86-181-1295-6578

Dr. Liping Yang is one of the founding directors of Taos China. She works at School of Psychology, Nanjing Normal University, as a full professor and the director of postgraduate training program in applied Psychology.

Dr. Liping Yang specializes in research on theories, methods and applications of social constructionist psychology. She has published 7 books and more than 60 articles, with special emphasis on active social construction. Dr. Yang has translated two of Mr. Kenneth Gergen’s books An Invitation to Social Construction and Relational Being: Beyond Self and Community into Chinese. Social Construction Translation series, which she co-edits with Mr. Gergen is now in the process of publication.

Using quantitative research and qualitative research mixed methods, Dr. Yang is now leading her academic team to explore various social relationships in the Chinese community, which is expected to produce appropriate solutions for various mental health problems resulting from current reformation of Chinese society.