María Cristina Ravazzola, MD

Arcos 1546, 3
1426 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Phone: 54 11.4785.2305

Fundación Proyecto Cambio
General Supervisor
Tte. Benjamín Matienzo 2639
1425 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone/Fax: 5411.4553.6777

PIAFF (Programas de Investigación, Asistencia y Formación en Familia)
Dorrego 2373
1425 Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Phone/Fax: 5411.4785.2305

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M.D. (1965), Psychiatrist (1968), Family Therapist (1980)

Postgraduate Professor in Ongoing Education Program in Systemic Clinical Psychology, in U.B.A. (B.A. University) since 1995. (Director: Dora Schnitman).

Consultor in Prevention and Rehabilitation Psychosocial NGO Programs as a specialist in Abusive behaviors.

Teacher in Trainings on Therapist´s self-awareness for Systemic Family Therapists since 1982 in Argentina, Chile, Brasil and Uruguay.

Author of the book Historias infames, los maltratos en las relaciones (Infamous Stories, violence in family relationships) Buenos Aires, Paidos (1997).

Author of many articles on Family Violence published in Systemic Family Therapy magazines in Argentina, Chile, Brasil y Bélgica.

Member of the board of Family Therapist magazines: Sistemas Familiares, Argentina, De Familias y Terapias, Chile, Thérapie Familiale, Bélgica, Francia , Suiza),

Author of Manuals on “Building Democratic Relationships in the Families”, Mexico, in the Program of Prevention in Family Violence sponsored by INMUJERES & PNUD (200 – 2004), coordinated by PhD Beatriz Schmukler.

Consultor in Gender Issues and Families and General Supervisor in the Fundación Proyecto Cambio (a non residential program devoted to rehabilitate drug addicts based in changes in the primary social network – families – relationships).

Trainer of the professionals working in this Fundation´s programs.

Founder and Director of PIAFF (Programas de Investigación, Asistencia y Formación en Familias), coordinator of multi-disciplinary teams of professionals treating psychosocial problems, specially abuse of people (violence) and abuse of illegal substances.

Member of panels in a number of Congresses in Argentina, Brasil, Chile and Uruguay in themes related to Domestic Violence, Gender Awareness in Psychotherapy and Systemic Family Therapy Trainings.

Teacher in Systemic Therapy, Domestic Violence Prevention and Treatments in Porto Alegre, Florianópolis, Brasilia, Montevideo, Dijon, Roma, Ajaccio, Oslo, New York, Guanajuato.

Coordinator of a Program on Violence in Family Relationships in an Adolescence Department in a Hospital in Buenos Aires province (1995 – 2005).

Member for Argentina of the BICE (Boureau International Catholique pour l´Enfance) como experta en el tema abuso sexual de niños y adolescentes (from 1998 up to now)

Member of REBLASAM (Belgo – Latinoamerican network on Mental Health  (from 1997 up to nowadays).

Member of AFTA (American Family Therapy Association) since 2000.

Clinical Research (ongoing): 1- “Disociative  phenomena and their role in the continuity of abusive patterns” ; 2- “Conjoint therapeutical conversations (tribal meetings) in different contexts”.

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