Laura Fruggeri, Ph.D.

University of Parma
Organizational Discipline
Department of Psychology
Borgo Carissimi, 10
Phone: +39 0521 034826
Fax: +39 0521 034812

Professor in Social Psychology and Psychology of Family Relations at the Department of Psychology. She is head of the Department of Psychology and director of the PhD program in Psychology. She is member of the Editorial Advisory Board of several national and international Journals in the family studies field and has presented at several national and international conferences, seminars and training courses.

She is senior faculty member at the Bologna Family Therapy Center, associate to the Milan Center founded by Luigi Boscolo and Gianfranco Cecchin with whom she has collaborated since 1980.

As an expert in the analysis of communication, interactions, and systems, she has conducted several studies on:

  • Symbolic and communicative processes in the construction of interpersonal relationships in different contexts: families, health and social services, educational agencies (Famiglie. Carocci Ed.).
  • Analysis of therapeutic relationship in institutional contexts and private practice (in Gergen-McNamee (eds) Therapy as social contruction. Sage; and in Campbell-Mason (eds) Perspectives on supervision. Karnac).
  • Relationships and processes in non traditional families (Diverse normalità. Carocci Ed.).
  • Interactions and transitions in everyday family life (Family Process, 2010).
  • Research methodologies and procedures for the study of family transitional processes (Osservare le famiglie. Carocci Ed.).