Certificate Programs

Certificate programs offer you an alternative academic credential to the lengthier undergraduate or graduate degree programs. The coursework of such programs tends to be compressed, focusing almost entirely on a specific topic. A certificate program is a specific set of educational courses that result in a “certificate of completion” rather than a degree. These programs may either replace or supplement degree programs and many people find them useful throughout their careers.

International Certificate in Collaborative Practice

The Taos Institute and Houston-Galveston Institute collaboratively sponsor an International Certificate in Collaborative Practice program.

The International Certificate Program is a response to the numerous practitioners around the world who are interested in expanding their knowledge and competency in collaborative practice. The Certificate Program provides practitioners across disciplines—therapy, organization development, education and research–an intensive, in-depth study of collaborative practices based in postmodern-social construction philosophy. The Program includes the study of the theoretical and philosophical assumptions and their application to practice in a variety of contexts and cultures.

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The 5th International Diploma in Generative Perspectives and Practice – 2020

You are invited to participate in an exceptional space of learning, reflection and exercise. – International teaching faculty. – Innovative practices in various areas of application: therapy, management of conflicts, communities and organizations, education, coaching, among others.

This diploma is available in Spanish, Portuguese and provides you with the knowledge and tools needed to work with generative dialogues.

Information and Registration email: interfas@fibertel.com.ar

Information in Brazil email: Vania Curi Yazbek – vaniacy@uol.com.br and Ligia Pimenta-Lrrpimenta@gmail.com and Cristina Ruffino – crisruffino@gmail.com and Sandra Bayer – sandra.bayer@institutodaccord.com.br

Information in Colombia email: Dora Isabel Garzón – doraisabelgarzon@hotmail.com

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