Karina Solsø, M.Sc.

MSc in Psychology, PhD student, University of Hertfordshire
Organisational and leadership consultant
Ramboll Attractor
Olof Palmes Alle 20
8200 Aarhus N

Email: ksi@attractor.dk
Phone: +45 51612840

Karina works as an organizational and leadership consultant in Ramboll Attractor, Denmark while at the same time doing a PhD at the University of Hertfordshire. In the PhD project she explores the role of reflexivity in management consulting and its relationship to ethics.

As a consultant and a researcher she is interested in the potentials of paying close attention to and reflect on the interesting and easily ignored details in the situations we find ourselves in. So many interesting and fascinating small movement occur right in front us and in us. Thus, she is working with exploring consequences of the many “turns” (the linguistic, the reflexive, the affective and the corporeal) in management consulting and in research.