Maria-Leto Katakis

Laboratory for the Study of Human Relations
33 Konitsis str. 15125,
Maroussi ,Greece

Phone: +306974316232, +302108063665
Skype: litokataki
LinkedIn: Leto Katakis

Leto Katakis was born in the US and although she spent part of her childhood there, she lived in Athens, Greece most of her life. She currently works as a psychotherapist in private practice and directs the Laboratory for the Study of Human Relations, where she also works as a trainer and supervisor. Having received a degree from the Department of Psychology – Pedagogy of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki she continued her studies at the New School for Social Research, in New York, USA and then she completed the Specialization Program on Systemic Family Therapy in the Laboratory for the Study of Human Relations. She has also worked for about 20 years on applied research in the private sector. More specifically, she designed and conducted numerous research projects on various products and services as well as social and political issues, developing original qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and implementing multivariate and other statistical analyses and models. The research results were usually presented orally and in writing to the clients and led to informed decision making and actions. In addition, she personally trained many psychologists and other personnel on research methodological design and implementation.