Bettina Hjortholt, Ph.D.

Roskilde University
Department of Psychology and Educational Services
Universitetsvej 1
Roskilde, Denmark
Cand.Psych. and Ph.D. in Social Psychology

Bettina is a part time lecturer at the Department of Psychology and Educational Studies, Roskilde University, Denmark. She teaches master students in social and organizational psychology as well as qualitative interview methods. The focus of this course is in line with the focus of the Department as a whole, to understand subjectivity in its social, cultural and institutional contexts and doing so from different theoretical perspectives. Bettina also supervises Masters theses as well as student’s project work. Students at Roskilde University do their project work in groups which is essential to the way students work at Roskilde University.

When Bettina met Ken Gergen in 1998 a whole new world of understanding caught her interest: constructionism, post-structuralism, ANT or non-modernism, post-feminism, among others. These were ways of understanding that went further than the theories she already knew in connection to ways of understanding humans as beings-in-the-world always are already together-with-others. Bettina is both interested in how this body of knowledge gives way to new understandings as well as its deconstructive and critical potentials, that is, the calling into question any taken for granted Truths as well as the hierarchicalization between normal-abnormal, man-woman, human-nonhuman etc.

In connection to her teaching and supervision in, for example, organizational psychology, Bettina is interested in organizational practices that give way to new forms of organizing work, work relations, and dealing with problems in organizations. In connection to her theoretical interests, Bettina’s emphasis is on the importance of asking who wins and who loses when new understandings and practices are put into use and the importance of avoiding the creation of yet another Right Practice/Method.