Marjorie Roberts, Ph.D.

The Salem Center for Therapy, Training and Research
204 Lafayette Street
Salem, MA 01970

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Marjorie Roberts is a founder, director and faculty member of The Salem Center for Therapy, Training and Research, a center for postmodern thinking and practice.  Marty is a psychologist and family therapist who has a long history of co-researching therapy practices with colleague and clients.  Her journey was strongly supported through a close working relationship with Tom Andersen.  Extending on Tom’s commitment to ethical practice, Marty, together, with her colleagues, has made reflecting dialogues an integral part of clinical work, training and consultation. Steeped in scholarship and philosophical knowledge, Marty works to bridge ideas with practice by supporting shared and shifting talking and listening positions for all members engaged in a dialogue.

Marty is also an Approved Supervisor in the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.  Early in her research as a social psychologist, Marty learned about the significance of clients’ experiences in therapy and continuously works to keep them at the center of understanding and meaning-making in practice.  She has a particular interest in the ways in which our language shapes our thinking. Marty continues to take a recursive view of research and practice, as evidenced by ongoing research with clients that explores the ways therapeutic letter-writing can transform language and perspective. She has published and presented this and other work in national and international journals and conferences, and taught at numerous academic institutions.

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