Elsa Loipa Araujo Pradere, MD

Email: elsalf@infomed.sld.cu, loipaelsa@gmail.com
Phone: (+537) 8334590 or (+535) 2542168

  • Elsa Loipa Araujo Pradere was born in Havana Cuba on August 15, 1963
  • Graduated in Medicine in the Superior Medical Science Institute of Havana – 1986
  • Dr. in Medicine since 1986
  • Specialist in Psychiatrist since 1992
  • Main Specialist in the Joaquin Albarrán University Hospital since 1995
  • Master in Clinical Psychology since 2006
  • Auxiliary Professor in Psychiatrics since 2010
  • Director of the Psychotherapy Department of the University Hospital Joaquin Albarrán
  • Work Experience – 27 years (Acute Service, Crisis Intervention Unit, and Department of Psychotherapy:
  • Invidual/Group/Couple and Family Therapy)


  • International – 7
  • National – 4
  • Book – “El Poder en Psicoterapia” (available in Spanish only) – “The
  • Power in Psychotherapy” September 2012
  • Learning Collaborative environment to the project “impact of the reflexive team and consultant during the process of the systemic reflexive therapy”
  • Some considerations about the International Course “Dialogical Practice”
  • Two Clinical cases publications

Note: The last three points (above) are published in the virtual productive Dialogs Library of the Net.

Web Links:
(Available in Spanish only)

Participation in International Events: 20
Imparted courses: 16
Field of Study: psychotherapy
Related received courses: 33

History of the family Therapy, systemic Therapy and the variants postmodern, objectivism/realism/rationalism, radical constructivism, social constructionism, you devise postmodern, the classic form of working with a team of open reflection, systemic reflexive therapy, you practice postmodern about the position” as if it was”, improvised roll play, like auto reflexive process, for the consultants and collaborators in the therapies inside a psychiatry context, therapy, consults and supervision in form of you practice dialogical to dissolve problems, philosophical instances, the therapists’ attitudes and the consultants.

I am member of the Dialogical productive net. I have certificate that qualifies me as professor and systemic reflexive therapist, granted by the Institute VIISA of Marburg, Germany.

I have approved the international course of Dialogical Practice (2013)

I am member of the Cuban Society of Psychiatry and Psychology.