Loek Schoenmakers, Ph.D.

Elmpterbaan 22, 6071AE,
The Netherlands
Phone: 00-31-475 476588
Skype: loekanne

Founder of www.happilydifferent.nl, a coaching, training and consulting service using social constructionism as fundament for co-creating change. Humanizing change processes is his core bussiness. Using the appreciative stance builds bridges and strengthens change processes, leads to sustainabliltity when constantly feeded by collaborative and dialogical practices. Loek is author of the worldshare book Happlily Different (Taos, 2014) which illustrates in detail how constructionist approaches leads to more hopeful and “happy” changes for all.

Loek currently works as an educational specialist in the Netherlands, Aruba, Suriname, and Belgium. 30 years of experience within education as teacher, school leader, school advisor, trainer, coach and educational specialist. Visiting lecturer at ADEK university Suriname. Besides the many teacher and leadership training and courses, Loek studied at Nottingham University (MA, 2001) Educational Change and School Improvement; promoted at Tilburg University and Taos Institute (Ph.D., 2011) Sustainable Educational Change is being in Relation. Currently Loek Schoenmakers is designing a website, and setting up a company that supports change processes based on constructionist ideas. For more information, please use loekschoen@yahoo.com.

Loek lives in the Netherlands, together with his wife Annemarie (yoga teacher, social advocate, advisor and best friend) and their two sons Roel and Jon. Besides enjoying work, he enjoys practicing Buddhism, art painting, traveling.

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