David Schjelde

Hoersholm Municipality
2970 Hoersholm

Email: dsc@horsholm.dk or david@schjelde.dk
Phone: + 45 20 6517 02

David is currently working as a strategic HR coordinator in Hoersholm Municipality in Denmark, where he is responsible for the introduction of a coherent HR program, based on relational cooperation. The aim is, in co-creation with the organization, to create a framework for conversations and actions.

In addition, David also works as a coach and a conflict mediator, where he uses constructionist and narrative methods.

David first became acquainted with the world of social construction, when he studied systemic/constructionist coaching at Attractor in Denmark. The introduction to this new world made a lot of things fall into place, and connected some dots that the individual-oriented approach did not seem to be able to connect in a meaningful way. The realization that we are all involved in the creation of our mutual social worlds was a turning point and since then, David is continuously trying to make this insight a part of his daily life.

Before David came to Hoersholm , he has held various consulting and management positions, both in public and in private organizations, and has also for some years worked as an independent consultant.

David is currently studying to become a Master of the Psychology of Organizations.