Michelle O’Reilly

University of Leicester
The Greenwood Institute of Child Health
Westcotes Drive

Phone: 01162252890
Email: Mjo14@le.ac.uk

Michelle O’Reilly is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Leicester (Greenwood Institute of Child Health) and a Research Consultant with Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust. At the university Michelle works for both the School of Media, Communication, and Sociology as well as the school of Psychology. Michelle’s research interests are broadly in the areas of child mental health, family therapy, and the sociology of health and illness. Furthermore, she is a qualitative methodologist who has written extensively about, theory, methods and ethics. Michelle has published many journal articles and books in her areas of interest, recently co-editing two handbooks (child mental health and adult mental health) for Palgrave, as well as a book for Sage on interviewing children and young people for research.

Michelle works for the School of Media, Communication and Sociology, as well as the School of Psychology.

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Michelle is a director of an international research group who do work in Autism Spectrum Disorder and conversation/discourse analysis (Conversation Analysis Research in Autism – CARA). Information can be found here:

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