Carina Håkansson, Ph.D., Social Worker & Licensed Psychotherapist

The Extended Therapy Room Foundation

Phone: 0046 31 120060 or 0046 702

Founder of Family Care Foundation where I was in change until 2015 when The Extended Therapy Room was created as a continuation and development of many years of collaborative work together with those here called clients, their families, family homes and professionals.

The main purpose for The Extended Therapy Room Foundation is to describe, and by a social and therapeutic practice mediate a humanistic and sustainable knowledge based on a relational and a no diagnostic perspective.

Through daily practice which combines ordinary life knowledge, lived experience and professional knowledge, research and network exchange our aim is to be an alternative to the psychiatric paradigm.

Experience and knowledge is mediated in our big global network where people from different backgrounds meet and share essential issues, dreams and hopes.

In October 2016 I initiated The International Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal and where I am part of the faculty in company with researchers and practitioners from Europe and US

The aims for the institute are:

  • To develop research and practice-based knowledge that will facilitate safe reduction of and withdrawal from psychiatric drugs.
  • To contribute to evidence-based practices for reduction of and withdrawal from psychiatric drugs, and facilitate their inclusion in general practice guidelines.
  • To support the human right to informed choice with regard to psychiatric drugs.
  • To promote practices that help families, friends, and practitioners support safe reduction of and withdrawal from psychiatric drugs, and to take into account relational and social aspects essential to this process.