René Kristensen, MSC

Associate Professor
University College Lillebelt
Niels Bohrs Allé 1
5230 Odense C, Denmark
Phone: 0045 2494 6840

Postal address:

Carl Plougs Vej 26, 6000 Kolding, Denmark / 

René Kristensen is associate professor at University College Lillebelt, Odense, Denmark.

He holds a Master’s of Science degree in Systemic Leadership and Organization Studies from Bedfordshire University and KCCF, London, a BA in teacher training and a BA in Psychology from Danish University Colleges.

He is educating teachers and pedagogues/social workers in inclusive, relational, systemic, constructionist theory and practice at schools and institutions all over Denmark and the Nordic countries.

René is editor and member of the board of the Danish Magazine for Universities and University Colleges, Kognition & Pedagogik.(Cognition & pedagogy). Some Taos associates, Harlene Anderson & Sylvia London, Elspeth McAdam, Bliss Browne, Jacob Storch and Ottar Ness have contributed with articles during the last years. 

René has developed and organized numerous conferences in University College Lillebelt, Denmark over the years and his main focus is to assist professionals creating better learning environments, encourage diversity in teaching, support curious teachers and increase the number of flourishing students as well as professionals. Rene Kristensen has published books and supporting material to improve this way of working. He is the author of several articles, book chapters and books – mainly in Danish – connecting systemic constructionist ideas in the pedagogical field in Denmark.

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