Reinhard Stelter, Ph.D.

Coaching Psychology Unit
Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports
University of Copenhagen
Nørre Alle 55, stuen
2200 København N
AB-bygningen, Stuen

Phone: +45 353-20866
Phone (Secretary): +45 353-20842
Mobile: +45 23445666

Prof. Reinhard Stelter holds a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Copenhagen and is Professor of Sport and Coaching Psychology at the University of Copenhagen and head of the Coaching Psychology Unit, Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sport Sciences, and visiting professor at the Copenhagen Business School. He has received further training in psychotherapy, counseling, coaching psychology, social constructionism, narrative theory and practice and applied sport psychology.

He is accredited member of the International Society for Coaching Psychology where he also functions as one of the Honorary Vice-Presidents. He is editorial board member of International Coaching Psychology Review, of Coaching: Theory, Research and Practice, of the International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching, and co-editor of Coachingpsykologi – The Danish Journal of Coaching Psychology. He is member of the Scientific Advisory Council of The Institute of Coaching, Harvard University. Furthermore, he is member of the Advisory Board of the Copenhagen Coaching Center, where he also functions as senior coach and external lecturer on the 2-years coaching program.

His newest book, published by Springer in 2014, has the title “A Guide to Third Generation Coaching – Narrative-Collaborative Theory and Practice”. Furthermore is the author and editor of one of Scandinavia’s most successful books on coaching (published in Danish and Swedish) with the English title “Coaching – learning and developing” (more than 26,000 sold copies). He is editor and author of ten books and more 150 articles in scientific and research oriented journals or books. His research interest is oriented towards identity issues, narrative-collaborative theory and practice, community psychology, and recently in health prevention and rehabilitation. Currently he leads several research projects with the focus on narrative and collaborative group coaching.

Since 2009 he has organized a series of lectures on coaching – research and practice.

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