Yunzhi Zhu, Ph.D.

Department of English 
Ginling College 
Nanjing Normal University 
122 Ninghai Road 
Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, 10097 

Mobile: 86-177-1452-9512 

Dr. Yunzhi Zhu is an associate Professor of English Learning at the English Department of Ginling College, Nanjing Normal University. Her areas of interest include intercultural communication and English acquisition as a second language. 

Dr. Zhu dedicates her effort to applying her expertise in developmental and educational psychology to language teaching. Her PHD dissertation is about how to apply experiential learning to intercultural communication education in language classrooms.  She recently expanded her research interest to include the issues of English learning of Chinese children. In 2013, Dr. Zhu and her colleagues started the Research Center for Children’s English Education with a children’s library as its base for teaching, research and social services. The focus of her study is how to help Chinese children learn English more effectively by motivating and facilitating them to read original English books based on their developmental needs. Her teaching is extended to the training of students who intend to become teachers through a service-learning program in the children’s library. 

Dr. Zhu has published over 10 articles and 3 books. She has translated 4 academic works in the field of education and she is the translator of the Discursive Psychology by Derek Edwards & Jonathan Potter in the first collection of social constructionist works published in China.