Navid Zamani, Ph.D.


Navid is an Iranian-American man who was born and raised in Southern California. He was raised in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, until he moved to Davis, CA to continue his studies. After acquiring his BA in Psychology and minor in Music from UC Davis, he moved to San Diego to continue his studies at San Diego State University in Marriage and Family Therapy. He pursued his doctoral degree through a joint program between the Taos Institute and Vrije University of Brussels in Belgium where he earned his Ph.D. in Psychology. His research concentrated on domestic violence services in the US, exploring the potential of couples counseling in preventive efforts. He has resided in San Diego since 2010 and has fallen in love with the cultures, geography, food and music.

There are threads in his life that have been constant, and initiatives that have developed due to opportunities at the time and/or his location. Music has always been a big part of his life, and he continues to enjoy playing the piano/keys and the drum kit. He has been a member of the SD music scene since he arrived, having dived into bands and musical communities quickly. He is an avid surfer, and enjoys outdoor activities with his wife, such as camping, hiking and biking around San Diego. Reading and writing have always been a pleasure of his, and academia became a natural fit in this way. Gardening is also one of his obsessions, and you may see some photos of his garden scattered around his website. He also really loves his dog. All of these hobbies are situated within a framework of experiences that come along with identifying as a heterosexual male, an Iranian-American and the experiences of biculturalism that accompany that, his ability to speak Farsi and English, his education, and the values he holds.

He grew up observing the charitableness of his family, and connected with the sense of urgency and gratitude that they experienced from helping others. He watched his mom always donate her time and money to the underprivileged and underserved. He watched his aunts (who are educators in Iran) advocate and stand up for students who often didn’t have a voice. He is continuously grounded by the love and compassion his wife models in her daily life. He is privileged to be surrounded by strong and wonderful people, and they are with him in spirit when he shows up to do his work. He truly believes that his community’s health impacts his health, and he is dedicated to supporting those in need.