C. McKenna Lang, Ph.D.

Email: cbmlang@gmail.com 

McKenna Lang, Ph.D. is a Faculty Ombudsperson practicing ombudsing at Seattle University in the United States. Her doctoral research focused on international ombudsing. She also teaches English to speakers of other languages in Seattle. Her other ventures focus on compassion in the workplace and helping organizations share frugal innovatory practices to honor human capacity and improve resource stewardship. Frugal and fruitful share a bough on the same ancient word tree. She has a strong interest in narrative mediation and appreciative inquiry. She holds degrees in Economics and Organizational Psychology. She has worked in the public, private and social sectors and carries a keen interest in language, communication and organizational depth work. McKenna is committed to international education with experience working abroad in Europe and China. She has published several articles on international ombudsing. 

C. McKenna Lang Dissertation