Nicolaas J.J. van der Molen

The Netherlands


Nico van der Molen, a clinical psychologist, is working, mainly as a Systemic therapist in a Clinical and a Poli clinical setting in a large psychiatric Hospital in the Northern part of the Netherlands.

Besides working as a senior clinician, he also takes part in a post doc. psychologists Training Program for clinical psychologists and psychotherapists.

He is also trainer and supervisor (and director) of Platform Systeemtherapie Noord Nederland, which has a NVRG accredited training program for Systemic therapists.

In the 1970’s as a psychology student Nico was already interested in history, philosophy and politics. Although he withdraw in the 70-s from a Leninist- Marxist movement, he always stayed curious about the impact of grand narratives on people life’s.

The context of a Psychiatric Hospital is very challenging for systemic ideas. For Nico it is important to honor the hidden voices of the person/patient, their families and concerned ones in the fragmented world of the psychiatric clinic. The last 15 years he took a concern in the position of asylum seekers and refugees. He worked together with solicitors, general practioners, social workers in ways that honor the resilience of the asylum seekers and refugees. In 2002 he started with a group of colleagues a training program in Family therapy in Romania. At this moment colleagues, the former students, can continue their own training program.

As a teacher, supervisor and therapist he has a great interest in collaborative ideas and practices.

Nico is married to Dorti Been. Besides being dedicated to his work, he loves reading and debating philosophical/political ideas. And when possible you can find him walking and cycling in the country side.