Jackie Kelm, MBA

“The Joy Engineer”
Appreciative Living LLC
1636 Oakhurst Drive
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466

Phone: 704-799-0975
Email: JKelm@AppreciativeLiving.com
Web: www.AppreciativeLiving.com

Jackie Kelm founded Appreciative Living, LLC to help people transform their work and life in meaningful ways using the principles of Appreciative Inquiry. Through books, training programs, coaching, and other offerings, she has helped thousands of people become more engaged on the job and happier in personal life. Much of her work is based on simple daily exercises that can be found in her second book, The Joy of Appreciative Living: Your 28 Day Plan to Greater Happiness Using the Principles of Appreciative Inquiry. 

Her work is global and has been embraced by organizations such as Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, The Duke Integrative Medical Center, and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. She also has certified facilitators running Appreciative Living Learning Circles around the world in nine countries.

Jackie’s undergraduate degree is in mechanical engineering, with an MBA from Case Western Reserve University where she studied Appreciative inquiry with David Cooperrider. She worked with AI as a consulting manager in a large firm in the Leadership & Organization Change Group before starting Appreciative Living. Her first book was published in 2005 titled Appreciative Living: The Principles of Appreciative Inquiry in Personal Life.

Jackie enjoys cooking, painting, and going to the beach with her husband and two children in Charleston, South Carolina.