Jenny Helin, Ph.D.

Department of Business Studies, Uppsala University
Cramérgatan 3, 621 67 Visby, Sweden


Jenny Helin has a post doc at the Department of Business Studies, Uppsala University, Sweden. Her research interests lie at the intersection of process philosophy and dialogue where she primarily inquire into living conversations and generative meeting practices in organizational contexts. She also explores how collaborative research practices and process orientations can influence how people make connections and relate to each other in the (organizational) every day.

Jenny is particularly interested in family owned businesses. Being connected to Center for Family Enterprise and Ownership (, an internationally renowned center focusing on family business and ownership issues, Jenny has extensive experience of working with family firms as an academic and consultant. Jenny lives on Gotland, a beautiful island east of mainland Sweden.

Please, see more at the blog ‘Academic Humanity’, that she co-author with some friends in academia.

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