An Invitation to Conversations about Constructionist Practices in Research

In their conversation, Ken and Sheila explore a historical context of constructionist and relational practices in research and their ideas for the future. They invite the many voices of people who engage in research from a relational perspective to keep the conversation going to share thinking about what counts as research in order to expand possibilities. They also invite us to consider how by focusing on the relational, that work helps us to keep our humanity alive.

Ken J. Gergen Ph.D.

Kenneth J. Gergen, Ph.D., is a founding member, President of the Taos Institute. Ken is a major figure in the development of social constructionist theory and its applications to practices of social change.  He also lectures widely on contemporary issues in cultural life, including the self, technology, postmodernism, the civil society, organizational change, developments in psychotherapy, educational practices, aging, and political conflict. Ken has published over 300 articles in journals, magazines and books. For more information, visit Ken’s Associate page.

Sheila McNamee, Ph.D.

Sheila McNamee, Ph.D. is Professor of Communication at the University of New Hampshire and co-founder and Vice President of the Taos Institute. Her work is focused on dialogic transformation within a variety of social and institutional contexts. Sheila actively engages constructionist practices in a variety of contexts to bring communities of participants with diametrically opposing viewpoints together to create livable futures.  She lectures and consults regularly, both nationally and internationally for universities, private institutes, organizations, and communities. And she has written hundreds of articles and books on social construction, research and relational theory and practice. For more information, visit Sheila’s Associate page.

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