Mary Altomare Nattrass, Ph.D.

Sustainability Partners, Inc

803 Regal Road
Berkeley CA 94708
Phone: 510.528.7831

318 Shoal Lookout
Gibsons Landing BC VON 1V8
Phone: 604-886-0957

Mary Altomare Nattrass is a cofounder and managing partner of Sustainability Partners, Inc., an international consultancy focused on the strategy and implementation of values-driven innovation and sustainable business practices. She is an adviser to many organizations, both private and public, including Fortune 500 companies, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the U.S. military. She has been instrumental in helping to define the strategic vision for dozens of organizations throughout North America, Central America, and Europe, and coaching them through successful change initiatives. She held senior administrative positions at both Yale and Duke universities and has consulted to the World Bank, the United States Agency for International Development, the Research Triangle Institute in North Carolina, and numerous environmental, scientific, and research organizations.

She is the coauthor of three books with her husband and partner, Brian Nattrass, on the dynamics of values-driven innovation, organizational transformation, and the integration of more sustainable business practices. Their most recent book together, Dancing with the Tiger: Learning Sustainability Step by Natural Step (New Society Publishers, 2002), features original corporate case studies from their international consulting practice. Their second book, Community Sustainability Toolkit (Whistler Centre for Sustainability, 2001), is a manual for community sustainable development. Their first book, The Natural Step for Business: Wealth, Ecology and the Evolutionary Corporation (New Society Publishers, 1999), has become an international sustainability best seller, and is used by businesses, universities, and government agencies around the world.

Ms. Nattrass received her B.A. from Goddard College and her M.A. from Yale University.

Expertise: Values-Driven Innovation and Sustainable Business Practices