Dusan Stojnov, Ph.D.

Department of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy,
Cika LJubin 18-20,
11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Email: stojnovi@eunet.rs
Phone: +381-63-833-2198 or +381-63-833-2198
Web: www.ukons.org.rs

Dusan Stojnov was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1957. He obtained his B.A. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1981; his M.A. in Personality Psychology, from the University of Belgrade, in 1986; and his Ph. D. in Psychology, from the University of Belgrade, in 1992. His other professional qualifications include Diploma in Personal Construct Psychotherapy and Research obtained by Centre for Personal Construct Psychology in London in 1990.

His clinical appointments include Institute for Drug Dependencies, Belgrade (1983-1987 as Clinical Psychologist); Dependency Centre at Medical Centre “Dr. Dragisa Misovic” Belgrade (1987-1989 as a Senior Clinical Psychologist). He is a Personal Performance Consultants Clinical Affiliate – Under Contract for Services from 1999 to date. He also works as a Constructivist registered psychotherapist in private practice.

His academic appointments include full professorship at Department of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy at University of Belgrade; research memberships in Institute for Criminal Research in Belgrade (1989-1991); Institute for Psychology, University of Belgrade (1991-1995) and Institute for Pedagogical Research (1996-2010).

His other positions include lecturing in Constructivist Psychotherapy Education Program and courses in Belgrade, organized by Serbian Constructivist Association. He is lecturing in Personal Construct Psychology and Psychotherapy courses in Malta organized by Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Institute of Malta. From 2003, he started to work as a visiting professor in Institute for Constructivist Psychology in Padua, Italy.

He is currently a member of editorial boards of Journal of Constructivist Psychology & e-journal Personal Construct Theory & Practice. He served as a member of editorial board in Serbian Journal for Educational Research from 1996 to 2010. He is also a founder and president of Serbian Constructivist Association (SCA) from 1995 to date, one of the founding members of the European Personal Construct Association (EPCA), and one of the co-founders of the European Constructivist Therapy Network (ECTN).

Dušan Stojnov is lecturing since 1987. He has given many invited lectures, seminars, workshops and psychotherapy courses in numerous conferences and professional institutions in Yugoslavia/Serbia, Greece, Malta, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy and Czech Republic. His interest lies primarily in the realm of constructivism and constructionism, where he was absolutely enchanted by the works of Kelly, Bateson, Maturana, Foucault, Gergen, Shotter, Harre, Danzinger, Gofman, etc. Through many years he is trying to develop a superordinate view on different approaches, such as Personal Construct Psychotherapy, Radical Constructivism, Social Constructionism, Narrative Psychology, etc. He is approaching personality from relational point of view, trying to connect topics of power and subjectivity experiences with psychotherapy. His current interest includes reading of personal construct psychology in a social constructivist key and connecting PCP with the views of Foucault and Goffman advocating for Personal and Relational Construct Psychology. On the practical side, he has started a new career in coaching, linking appreciative inquiry approach with personal construct coaching.