Kicki Oljemark, Ph.D., MSc, BSc

Ryttarvagen 21
S-13245 Saltsjo-Boo

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Kicki Oljemark works as a leadership and organizational consultant within social constructionist, systemic, narrative and strengths-based approaches and practices. She has a background with many years working as a leader and also from working as a systemic family therapist.

Kicki holds a Doctors degree in Systemic Practice, MSc in Leadership and Organizational development and BSc in Sociology. Within her research, Kicki has developed the idea of the Ethical Relational Compass.

Kicki’s passion is to contribute to creating contexts which will increase prerequisites for individuals, groups, organizations and communities to give their best and reach for their potential related to the goal of the organization. Leader’s development is very important in this process and how they in the best way can support co creation of organizations. A particular interest is taken in how leaders can develop their relational, communicative and ethical leadership in a way so that they can interact in the best way.

Kicki works mostly in Sweden but also in England and in Tanzania. Examples of Swedish assignments: leadership programs in different communities, school development within a whole community with the aim to develop systemic and appreciative work throughout the whole school system. Kicki has also worked with a research project and community development in Tanzania together with Elspeth McAdam in collaboration with Harvard University and Muhimbili University. The aim has been to educate facilitators who in their turn have been educating nearly 500 change agents in Tanzania. The aim is to empower people living with HIV to become the solution and reach for more healthy and safe communication, relationships and communities.

Kicki is very much inspired by her meetings with different people in different contexts, collaborators, participants and co missioners. New learning increases all the time. Kicki has had the fortune to meet and work with a lot of inspiring people and two of them are Elspeth McAdam and Peter Lang.

Kicki has published two books in Swedish; one about systemic and strenghtsbased school development, and the second one with the title; Leadership, reflections and possibilities. Kicki is a frequently engaged seminar holder. Her wish is to inspire into action and to support people to see their strengths, potential and action space. She often finds the action space within the words we use, questions we ask and helpful stories, values and dreams. Kicki’s interest is to support development of relational and communicative interactions and self-efficacy related to goals and dreams.

Kicki strongly believes in the power of the co-created organization and community. She relies on an appreciative ground which for her means the importance of valuing and appreciating people’s understanding, social constructions, values and good intentions. Her approach is based on social constructionist philosophy.