Marcela Losantos, Ph.D.

Universidad Católica Boliviana and Vrije Universiteit Brusel
Calle 2 Obrajes Nº 4807

Phone: 591-22782222 (int. 2256)
Mobile: 591-76720408

Marcela Losantos trained as a therapist in 2006, ending the Specialization in Brief Therapies and the training in the Bolivian Institute of Family Therapy. In 2009, She received the title of Master of Psychology of Health, at the Bolivian Catholic University. Moreover she worked for the period of ten years as a psychologist and coordinator of the Alalay Foundation designing care intervention models for children and adolescents at social risk.

As a result of this experience Marcela began in 2010, a joint PhD program at the the Catholic University and the Vrije Universiteit Brusel. Funded by the Flemish University Council VLIR-UOS, she defended in September 2015 her doctoral dissertation on the permanence of children and young people on the streets of the city of La Paz, based on social constructionist epistemology, graduating with distinction “Summa Cum Laude”.

Marcela is a professor of the undergraduate and postgraduate programs of family therapy at the UCB and coordinates the Research Institute in the Behavioral Sciences at the same university.

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