Inmaculada García Ruz

Avenida Vidal i Barraquer 26 6-1
Reus (Tarragona)

Phone: 677 017 081

Inma García has an interest in Collaborative and Dialogic Practices, applied not only in the field of psychology but as philosophy of life, a way to understanding relationships, the others, and the world.

She currently is studying her last year at Open University of Catalonia (UOC) where she will obtain a degree in Psychology. Inma is certified in the International Certificate of Collaborative and Dialogical Practices in Spain by Houston Galveston Institute, Taos Institute, Umans en Red and Kanankil Institute.

She is a member of the Network for Productive Dialogues and Administration and secretarial doctor FISS for Formació i Serveis Socials center.

Inma has previously worked several years in the tourism sector. She has also developed administrative and customer service in the private health sector multinational.

She is the Account Manager and co-founder of the Spanish Association of Collaborative and Dialogic Practices ENDIALOGO.