Su-Fen Liu, Ed.D.

Organizational Affiliation:
Associate Dean
College of Management
Associate Professor
Department of Marketing and Distribution Management
National Pingtung University 51 Min Sheng East Road, Pingtung, Taiwan 900
Phone: 886-7663800 x31608 (work); 886-953-192-618 (cell)

Su-Fen Liu is Associate Dean of the College of Management and Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing and Distribution Management at National Pingtung University (NPTU), Taiwan. Her major role as Associate Dean is to help the College to gain AACSB accreditation. Her research areas include human resource development, educational gerontology, adult learning, and gender education. She primarily teaches courses on business and management for both graduates and undergraduates. Dr. Liu received her Doctorate of Adult Education from the University of Georgia in 1999, writing her dissertation on what factors influence young and old workers’ decision to participate in corporate training. She has been presented Outstanding Teaching Awards and Outstanding Students’ Counselor Awards by NPTU two times each. Dr. Liu’s dedication to teaching others on how to better themselves and their circumstances has earned her multiple grants for helping disadvantaged students improve their English proficiency.

Dr. Liu has many journal publications and given multiple conference presentations, spanning research on older worker training participation, the effects of gender education courses, and lifelong learning programs for older farmers. She began translating Positive Aging Newsletter into both traditional and simplified Chinese in 2009 and also co-authored with Drs. Kenneth and Mary Gergen a Chinese book on “Positive Aging: A New Vision for Senior Citizens.” In order to promote the concept of positive aging and social constructionism, Dr. Liu set up the Positive Aging Research and Extension Center (PAREC) at NPTU in 2019 and has worked on projects to engage older adults in meaningful learning programs in local communities. She also serves on the faculty of the International Diploma Program in Social Construction and Professional Practice under the Taos Institute. In the coming years, Dr. Liu plans to continue helping older workers develop their potential to become employable after retirement age.