International Diploma in Social Construction and Professional Practice

Pursue Your Dreams 

  • Earn a diploma for pursuing a project that excites you – writing a paper or article, studying a topic, learning about new practices, engaging in action research, developing a website, creating a video, designing a new course, and more…

Travel with a Thought Companion

  • Enjoy the company of a PhD scholar-practitioner in your pursuits, stimulating reflection and creativity.
  • Be in relationship with a mentor/coach/learning partner throughout your learning journey

Choose Venues for Learning

  • Select from a range of on-line courses, or conference experiences relevant to your pursuits.

Join a Creative Community

  • Participate in a global network of engaged scholars and practitioners.

Earn a Diploma of Distinction

  • Become the recipient of a diploma from the Taos Institute, a non-profit, global organization, offering meaningful education experiences for over 25 years.

What are people saying about the program:

  • “I’ve mentioned this so many times before to you, and I shout it excitedly again: I am so grateful for the program, experience and the support you gave to me to make it happen! As a working mom, the flexibility was so important and the social construction ideas and resources drove my learning and reflection as a scholar.”
  • “Learning with the Taos Institute has been the best experience of any of my studies, practices and life. ”

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