Vania Curi Yazbek, Ph.D.

Rua Pascoal Vita 54
Zip Code 10440-030
São Paulo -SP, Brasil

Phone: 55 11 3813 5069
Working group: Mediativa – Instituto de Mediação Transformativa

Vania Curi Yazbek has a degree in clinic psychology (1970), and privately practices individual and family therapy. Since 1996, she have been working in Alternative Dispute Resolution as a transformative mediator in family, business, organizational, and community areas, whenever conflicts arise between parties who have an ongoing relationship. She has training in family therapy through Fundación Interfas, Buenos Aires, Argentina (1992-1994) and ongoing expansion of transformative mediation sponsored by the Fundación Interfas, Buenos Aires, Argentina and the University of New Mexico Mediation Clinic in Albuquerque, United States (1994-1996).

She is co-founder of the Familiae Institute (Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1991), where she was in charge of the implementation of the Mediation until 2010, lecturing specifically in Transformative Mediation. She is co-founder and member of the team coordinating of the association of transformative mediators: Mediativa – Institute of Transformative Mediation (Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil, 2007).

In the last six years, she has been working in the implementation of Restorative Justice in Sao Paulo, Brazil, coordinating several pilot projects in seeking guidelines to introducing restorative justice in Education to reduce violence in public schools and in resocialization programs to strengthen accountability of the adolescent in conflict with the law. She coordinates the training team “Justiça em Círculo” (Circle Justice) and provides training for restorative practitioners in different methodologies.

She participated in many conferences as presenter since 1996 and has done various lectures on topics related to Transformative Mediation and Restorative Justice.