Eivind Nilsen

Sørengkaia 75c
0194 Oslo

Email: eivind@lent.no
Phone: 004797573185
Web: www.meetingpointtanga.net

Eivind is one of the partners of www.lent.no. Trained sociologist from the University of Oslo, also employed there for some time.

After that, since 2006, fully occupied building a consultancy company based on constructionist ideas. Lent is relentlessly seeking to create participation and honest, open environments for sharing and learning. Our company has consulted and worked in a wide range of organizations – from ministries, local municipalities, NGOs to private corporations. Our work is often based in AI.

The latest movements involve the creation of a national knowledge centre for strenght-based learning and development.

We also co-own a competence centre in Tanzania.