Mary Morris

The Family Institute
University of South Wales
South Wales, UK

Phone: +44(0)1443 483823

Mary Morris is a Systemic Psychotherapist, Consultant and Trainer, registered with the UK Council for Psychotherapy, and works as a Senior Lecturer in The Family Institute, University of South Wales (formerly University of Glamorgan).

Prior to qualifying as a Systemic Psychotherapist in 2000, Mary worked for more than 20years as a Social Worker. It was as a Social worker that she first began working with children who have had abusive experiences including those who are being looked after by the state, either in foster or residential care. Her experience and interest in this work has continued in her psychotherapy practice and includes offering consultation to professionals working within these systems.

In her current role as Senior Lecturer Mary teaches on the undergraduate and postgraduate counseling and psychotherapy programs run by The Family Institute, which includes qualifying level psychotherapy training involving live supervision of a team of trainee Systemic Psychotherapists. Mary is a committed participant in the provision by The Family Institute of an independent psychotherapy service, unique in the region in providing a direct access service to the public. Mary believes that there is an important isomorphic relationship between teaching, supervisory and therapeutic practices. Maintaining an active relationship between current therapeutic practice and teaching is important to her.

Mary also has a particular interest in the interplay between gendered practices and power, and the impact of this dynamic in all areas of her life; as educator, psychotherapist, partner, daughter, mother, sister, friend and colleague.

Mary brings social constructionist ideas to her practices as teacher and therapist, where she is interested in creating relational contexts that facilitate students in discovering their own way through the myriad of theory and practices associated with counseling and psychotherapy. She has contributed to national and international conferences, is involved at committee level with the (UK ) Association of Family Therapy, and as part of Family Institute team has contributed to EFTA-TIC conferences.