Nurit Mileris- Zylbersztejn

Av Lomas Encanto #32 Torre B- 901
Frondoso, Lomas Country Club
Edo De Mexico
CP- 52779

Phone: 521-55 54544579

Nurit has been a Psychotherapist for over 20 years, focusing on individual, family, couples and group therapy. Born in Uruguay, Nurit has resided in Mexico, Israel and Brazil for the last 40 years, and dedicates her life to creating and coordinating therapeutic, educational and social groups and courses.

She studied Education in Israel and Systemic Family Therapy at ILEF, Mexico. Specialized in Narrative Therapy at The Dulwich Center, Australia, and in Collaborative and Reflective Therapy in Grupo Campos Eliseos. She holds an international certificate in collaborative practices from the Houston Galveston Institute, The Taos Institute, and Grupo Campos Eliseos, with a specialization in the Education and Leadership Program. Nurit specializes as well in the maternal-infant bond, Existential Therapies in Mindfulness and Therapeutic Writing. She is an Ontological Coach.

She Co-coordinates and teaches at the course on Narrative and Collaborative Therapies in GCE, collaborates in training therapists in the Narrative, Collaborative and reflexive therapy models in Mexico, Uruguay and Brazil.

She teaches at the Certificate for Humanistic Group Program in México City. Nurit also co-founded the TGNC (Narrative-Collaborative group therapy) which has been presented in national and international congresses, and she works as a consultant for schools from a Narrative-Collaborative view.

Lastly, Nurit partnered with the Uruguayan Embassy in Mexico in order to develop the “Support for the Uruguayan Migrant”