James Karanja Kamau, MEd

Kimo Wellness Foundation
P.O BOX 2238-01000

Email: jimka62@gmail.com
Mobile: +254 720 819 319
Web: www.Kimowellnessfoundation.org
James Karanja Kamau, MEd is a co-founder and Secretary of the Kimo Wellness Foundation, A NGO with the core objective to alleviate Human suffering. He is an accomplished Professional teacher with over 30 years of experience. James holds an MEd in Guidance and Counseling Psychology.

He is working with other Professional Counselors and Psychologists in Kenya under the umbrella of Kenya Counseling and Psychologists Association (KCPA). James is a co-author of a collaborative curriculum- ‘Tukae Tusemesane ‘-Let’s sit down and reason together which has found space in International Journal of Appreciative Inquiry. (Aug. 2015 vol. 17 number 13, ISBN 978-1-907549-24-3.)

James rose from humble beginning as a professional teacher by attending Teachers training College at Thogoto TTC, Bachelor’s Degree B.Ed (University of Nairobi), master degree (Kenyatta University and currently pursing his Doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology at Mount Kenya University in Kenya. He is a practicing teacher and a Psychological Counselor.