Josep Segui

C/ 121, 7
46182, La Canyada, Valencia, Spain

Phone: +34662293255

Josep is a Spanish independent social psychologist. He has a Master degree in Information and Knowledge Society, a Diploma of Advanced Studies in Social Psychology (degree which qualifies him as a Researcher through the Spanish Ministry of Culture) and university certificates in Personal and Family Conflicts and in Social and Cultural Studies. In this context he studied Philosophy and Humanities; especially in the fields of History, Aesthetics, Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, and Science & Technology theories.

He describes himself as an epistemologist since, in addition to the practice, research, and theory he devotes much of his time wondering about the process of co-constructing knowledge and about the social and cultural practices in Psychology. He finds in the Social Construction point of view a lot of resources to help him with these thoughts and subjects. He is also interested in the Social Studies of Science and Technology and in Relational Research methodologies.

In 2004, after studying some of the foundational work of Kenneth J. Gergen, John Shotter, Harlene Anderson, Sheila McNamee and others on Social Constructionism, Josep attended the Gergen’s Social Construction workshop in Wallingford, Pennsylvania and since that time he devotes much of his time to training and disseminating ideas and practices about Social Constructionism in Spanish, having participated in a large number of events and related seminars. He has published several articles and book chapters and participated in congresses always from the perspective of the SC.  In 2005 he founded the university forum (Open University of Catalonia, UOC) “Social Constructionist Psychology” and in 2006 decided to open a blog on “Social and Relational Constructionism,”, one of the Spanish language websites on the topic most visited and consulted.

Josep is the Spanish Country Program Director of the Certificate of Collaborative

Dialogic Practices and President of ENDIÁLOGO, Spanish Association of CDP. Currently serving in the TAOS Institute Latin American Council, TILAC, and in the TAOS International Network of Relational Research.

Member of the Spanish Association of Narrative Therapy (AETEN). He has been Tutor of Psychology and Education Sciences at the Open University of Catalonia and a researcher at the JovenTIC Research Group of the Department of Social Psychology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where he completed two years of Doctorate studies. He has worked on intervention in socio-labor conflicts and has investigated the adoption by young people of Information Technologies, conflicts in organizations and the epistemology of so-called “mental disorders”. He teaches courses and workshops for various institutions and universities, and  has collaborated with other professionals as a consultant in Collaborative and Dialogic Practices.

Author of the books, both in Spanish, “Human Mentality. From the Emergence of Language to Social Constructionist Psychology and Collaborative Dialogic Practices”, 2015, Amazon Independent CreateSpace, and “Sociology for Uninitiated and other Insolent Essays. Social constructionism in everyday life”, 2018, also on Amazon.

In 2017 he received the official recognition from the TAOS Institute for his contributions to the dissemination, research, and reflection of Social Constructionism ideas.

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