Teresa Mendo Zelada

Director of the Institute of Training and Family Development – IFAMI
Professor of the Faculty of Nursing at the National University of Trujillo

490 Prague, Santa Isabel,
Trujillo, Peru
Email: mendo.t@gmail.com
Phone: (+51) 44 281 682; (+51) 949 495 049.

Teresa is a professional who works with people from an integrative and relational perspective, both at individual and community level. For this reason, and after university teaching practice as a nurse for several years at undergraduate and graduate, she trained as a psychologist and psychotherapist. Currently she addresses both disciplines from social constructionism and conducts research and publications from this approach. She is also engaged in clinical work.

She is magister Public Health and concluded her doctorate in the same mention. Her specialty is in Geriatrics and Gerontology and in University Quality.

She has received training in Systemic Therapy Solutions Focused Brief Therapy, Couples (Counseling Institute of Atlanta, Psicotrec Peru) and a Diploma in Therapy and Practice Narratives by Pranas Chile. Currently she is studying International Discussion Practice Diploma organized by the Network of Working productive dialogues.

As director of the Institute for Training and Family Development (IFAMI) and as a lecturer at the National University of Trujillo, she seeks to introduce and disseminates social constructionist ideas in the field of health for several years.

She has lectured in various academic events inside and outside of Peru, presenting seminars, conferences and workshops that disseminate postmodern and social constructionist ideas. She also conducts research under this approach on health issues, education, couple, family and psychotherapy.

She co-directs Training in Systemic Therapy Solutions Brief Centric.