Taos Ph.D. Program

For mature professionals who wish to pursue a line of inquiry that will enrich their endeavors and speak to the concerns of a broader audience of scholars and practitioners.

Diploma Program

For practitioners who wish to reflect on their professional practices, and/or to explore new departures in theory and practice, we offer the opportunity for a two-year program of study.

Certificate Programs

An alternative academic credential to the lengthier undergraduate or graduate degree programs. 

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Taos Workshops, Courses & Seminars

Seminars and workshops which focus on social constructionist theory, thought, research and practice.

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Taos Associate Workshops 
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Previous Conferences

Included on this page is a listing of previous Taos Institute conference. We invite you to explore the past offerings to learn more about the Taos Institute. 

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Previous Associate Workshops & Conferences

View the previous workshops relating to Appreciative Inquiry, Collaborative Practices, Community Development, Narrative Therapy and more.

Student Resources

At this link we provide a rich resource for students.