Ana Flávia Manfrim, M.Sc.

Uberlândia, MG

Phone: +55 34 99222-3355

Ana Flávia Manfrim, M.Sc., is a psychologist who graduated at the Federal University of Uberlândia, where she also obtained her Master’s degree in Psychology. She is also a conflict mediator. Her main interests are related to the fields of social and community work, groups, therapeutic practice and conflict mediation. Her practice in these different contexts is sensitive to, and guided by social constructional presuppositions, and by dialogical, narrative and collaborative practices.

In her Master’s research, she was interested in investigating how social constructionism is presented in the field of social and community work, based on the analysis of the publications of associates of the Taos Institute in Latin America.

She is currently a clinical psychologist in a private practice with adults, families and groups. She is a co-founder of the Verso Institute for Conflict Mediation, an organization that promotes actions of alternative forms of conflict resolution.