Susie Mossman Riva, Ph.D.

C.P. 55
 1918 La Tzoumaz
 Valais, Switzerland


Susie Riva Mossman defended her Ph.D. with the TAOS Institute, “Conflict Narratives: Mediation Case Studies in an Intercultural Context” in 2009.

 Creating dialogical space within social and healthcare networks, while promoting participatory practices has been the focus of my work. I began as a mediator on an accident site, performing mediation in an intercultural context. I then designed a mediation service, offering conflict resolution and health-care prevention services to political asylum seekers. My recent work doing needs assessment for public health reports has allowed me to integrate the perceptions of professionals into healthcare planning, informing decision-makers. My last consulting job allowed me to facilitate a conflict involving families of multiple-handicapped children and interdisciplinary teams, transforming care delivery by developing and implementing collaborative practice pathways. I am currently working as a research assistant with the Senior Living, an interdisciplinary research platform at the University of Applied Sciences in Western Switzerland.

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