Paul Costello

The Center for Narrative Studies Washington DC


Paul Costello is an educator and writer from Australia, where he has worked for many years developing curriculum and method in Creative Writing and Religious Education. In more recent years, his work has involved homeless youth where he founded “Rosies-Friends on the Street,” a youth-to-youth volunteer corps that continues to work in six major cities along Australia’s east coast. Inspired by his study with the founder of Narrative Therapy, Michael White, Paul came to the USA to research narrative method and its application to pastoral counseling, education and community renewal.

Since moving to the USA, Paul has worked with communities and organizations that are in transition, gathering their stories and helping them grieve and move on. He also worked for 5 years with the Shalem Institute for Spirituality where he was part of their unique Group Spiritual Direction Program, and he currently offers spiritual direction to individuals and groups.

He has been a guest lecturer at many colleges, including American University, Catholic University, Trinity College, Loyola College, UVA and Queens University Belfast. He currently directs the Washington-Ireland Program for Service and Leadership (formerly called the Young Leaders Program) that brings over 30 university students from Northern Ireland and Ireland to the USA each summer. He is Founding Director of the Center for Narrative Studies, and holds degrees in Literature, Theology, Education and an MFA in Creative Writing from American University.

Paul is an enthusiast and perpetual student of the narrative idea. He is pursuing projects that harness the new web technology because he believes the web can help resurrect the story circles that used to lie at the heart of vibrant community life, and become an exciting new way to connect people.