John Rijsman, Ph.D.

J.B. (John) Rijsman
Tilburg University
Tilburg, The Netherlands

Web: Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Most recent publications:

  • Martinez, L.F., Zeelenberg, M., & Rijsman, J.B. (2008). Why valence is not enough in the study of emotions: Behavioral differences between regret and disappointment. Psicologia, 22(2), 109-121. Further information
  • Rijsman, J.B. (2004). From the Provinces of Meaning to the Capital of a Good Self. Some reflections on Learning and Thinking in the Process of Growing Adult in Society. In A.-N. Perret- Clermont (Ed.), Joining Society. Social Interaction and learning in Adolescence and Youth. (pp. 141-152). Cambridge UK: Cambridge University Press. Further information
  • Rutkowski, A.F., Rijsman, J.B., & Gergen, M. (2004). Paradoxical Laughter at a Victim as Communication with a Non-victim. International Review of Social Psychology, 17(4), 5-11. Further information
  • Rutkowski, A.F., Fairchild, A.M., & Rijsman, J.B. (2004). Group Decision Support systems and patterns of interpersonal communication to improve ethical negotiation in Dyads. International Negotiation, 9, 11-30. Further information
  • Ridder, R.T.J. de, Schruijer, S.G.L., & Rijsman, J.B. (1999). Retaliation to personalistic attack. Aggressive Behavior, 25(2), 91-96. Further information

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