Hanna Copini

Experience & Project Designer 

The Netherlands
Tel: +31 6 43207562
Email: hanna@copini.com
Social: www.linkedin.com/in/hannacopini/

Hanna is an enthusiastic project leader, content maker and experience designer with a strong focus on social innovation. She helps organizations develop in a systemic and sustainable way, using different design methods and bringing in lots of energy. By involving digital tooling and gamification, she invites others to socially construct new ideas and work processes. Stakeholder management is a key-element in her work and besides team dynamics, she makes complex theories and strategies more accessible with clear content management.

She has been working for educational institutes, NGOs, social entrepreneurs and Governmental organizations. Her work experiences are diverse and often internationally oriented. From exploring opportunities for social entrepreneurship in the Brazilian jungle, to developing a community platform for the Dutch government supporting social initiatives. She participated in several collaborative EU funded projects, set-up a startup hub and coordinated educational programmes for student entrepreneurs. Hanna is co-founder of Upstart community, connecting creative talents, education and organizations with festivals and a platform.

As a freelancer, Hanna offers her participation in collaborative projects on an international level. Though Amsterdam is her base, she often travels around the globe for projects and sometimes temporarily lives in different cultures and communities. Hanna studied International business and languages and has an Imagineering Master in business innovation from the experience perspective. She is also a certified yoga teacher and offers classes in meditation and yoga.