Marilene Grandesso, Ph.D.

INTERFACI – Family Couple and Individual Therapy Institute, Brazil


Psychologist; family and couple psychotherapist; communitarian therapist; Teacher and Supervisor at Family and Couple Therapy training course at Catholic University, Sao Paulo; Founder and Chair  of INTERFACI – Family Couple and Individual Therapy Institute; Coordinator  of Community Therapy training course at INTERFACI – Sao Paulo; President of Family Therapy Association of São Paulo (2000-2001); President of Brazilian Community Therapy (2004-2005); Coordinator of deliberative and scientific council of Brazilian Family Therapy Association (2008-2010); author of the book About the reconstruction of meaning: an epistemological and hermeneutic analysis of the clinical practice (São Paulo, Casa do Psicólogo, 20001st edition; 2007 2nd edition); Editor of the book Therapy and social justice: ethical answers to sorrow questions in therapy; Co-Editor of the book: Community therapy: weaving nets to social transformations: Health, Education and Public Politics (São Paulo, Casa do Psicólogo, 2007).