Lia Ganc

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Rua Timóteo da Costa 1033/502 bloco1
Rio de Janeiro  –  R.J.

Phone: +55 21 2239 6191, +55 21 98666 0652

Lia Ganc is a licensed Psychologist since 1975 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
She has been an instructor and supervisor of family therapy since 1978 in the Institute of Psychiatry in the Medical School at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Lia was an AFTA member from1991-2015 and has presented at AFTA six times on different topics, including: Communication within first and second generation of Holocaust survivors; Family and Societal Healing in Brazil and South America; The Changing Face of the Aids Epidemic: Human rights and clinical implications; and Multiple Family Group and Harm Reduction.
Lia was an associate of the Instituto de Terapia de Familia do Rio de Janeiro from 1986-2004.

She is a co-founder and trainer at the Institute for Family Therapists with Constructivism and Social Constructionist Approach and has brought Tom Andersen, Marcelo Packman, Carlos Sluzky, Fromma Walsh, Harlene Anderson among many to Rio de Janeiro. She recently invited Jerry Gale to present to the faculty and students in the psychiatry program who were interested in social constructionism and the application to therapy.
At the University she has been dealing with Mental Health issues, Alcohool and Drug Abuses , Grief ,Loss and Resilience and also Couples Therapy

For over 35 years Lia  has trained  many family therapists  in Brazil and many of whom are now teaching throughout Brazil.