Ricardo J. Sanchez Cano

Pza. del cedro 2 2º b
20016 Donostia San Sebastián

Phone: 670285596
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I live in Irún, in the Txingudi basin, a privileged natural environment.
My parents are models of entrepreneurship.
They gave me, curiosity, positive thinking; learning and discovering new things.
I have always worked and studied.
I have participated and promoted associations, both social and professional.
Social Educator, Psychologist, Qualified Supervisor, Family and Couple Therapist, Appreciative Facilitator.
Doing a doctoral thesis: Construcción de Identidad Profesional en Operadores Sociales y Comunitarios”
A dialogue with Miriam Subirana and Ken Gergen in 2015/16 will give the project a definitive boost.  New airs for the end of the professional career, renewed illusion.
Thesis director: :  César SAN JUAN GUILLEN

Professional action articulated in three axes:

Community psychologist. Projects in different contexts: prevention and health promotion, social support networks, adolescents and families, social support groups.
Systemic family therapy. Clinical supervision in Madrid, Paris and Geneva –  R. Neuburger.

Supervision, guidance, counselling and coaching. Social, community and organizational contexts.  

Since 2009, I have been co-directing a continuous training program, based on a systemic vision and an integrated model.  Systemic Supervision and Coaching – Professional Certification ONLINE 2020 / 21.

Co-founder of the HeziZerb Association for educational and social intervention (founded in 1992).

Member of ISPA – INSTITUTE OF ASSOCIATED PROFESSIONAL SUPERVISORS (founded in 1997). President from 2008 to 2014. (Members of ANSE – SUPERVISION)

Professional Association of Social Educators of the Basque Country – nº 2 

Professional Association of Psychologists of Gipuzkoa – GZ01133
Member of the Basque-Navarre Association of Family Therapy.

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Two-voice essay project: professional identity, relationship with users, a collaborative research proposal