Carlos Felipe Villar-Guhl, MS

Carrera 15 # 82 – 58, ap. 404
Bogotá, Colombia


Carlos Felipe Villar-Guhl is a Systemic and Social Constructionist Practitioner. He holds an MSc in Organizational Change and Development from the University of Manchester, an MSc in Intervention in Human Systems from the Universidad Central in Bogotá Colombia, and two bachelor degrees in Psychology and in Anthropology from the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá Colombia. He has developed skills in facilitating change processes within organizations and communities, driven towards the constant creation of new and innovative approaches in order to ignite the potential of the people and initiate positive changes that are sustainable over time.

He is a faculty member at the International Certificate in Collaborative Practices in Bogotá Colombia developed by Sistemas Humanos, Houston Galveston Institute and Taos Institute and at the Master program at Universidad Central. He has experience as a consultant working organizations and communities. His interests are related towards using Appreciative Inquiry, Design Thinking and Dialogic Organizational Development approaches to work with groups, organizations and communities.


  • Villar-Guhl, C., F. (2014) El consultor organizacional como arquitecto de posibilidades: transitando entre el construccionismo social y el pensamiento de diseño [The organizational consultant as an architect of posibilites: social constructionism and design thinking], Sistemas Familiares y otros Sistemas Humanos, Vol. 30, No. 1, pp. 80-100.