Jan Inglis, MSc, Ph.D.

Independent educator, scholar, and practitioner

Jan Inglis is an independent educator, scholar, and practitioner. She has taught the Culture and Conflict graduate course in the Conflict Analysis and Engagement program, served as workshop and graduate residency adjunct faculty at Antioch University Midwest, and also taught in the Environment, Resources and Conflict Program in the Peace Studies Program at Selkirk College. She has written and presented widely on systemic change and public engagement in complex issues, especially those related to climate change. She has a Ph.D. in Social Construction from Tilburg University, The Netherlands, an MS in Holistic Science from Schumacher College, University of Plymouth, UK, with earlier degrees including a BS in Occupational Therapy and a BA in Sociology/Psychology. 

Jan has been motivated by questioning how people faced challenges and potentially found ways to transform the seemingly overwhelming situations they find themselves in. This inquiry led her through several careers including a focus on individual well-being as an occupational therapist and as a body focused psychotherapist. In order to improve her capacities to work on a larger scale of social and ecological well-being, her studies led her to adult development, complexity sciences, citizen engagement, public issue analysis, and deliberative democracy. Her doctoral dissertation integrated this work as well as included further inquiry into a new paradigm of economic and governance practices: A Commons Paradigm: Co-Constructing a New Set of Relations Amongst Ourselves and with the Earth . 

Jan enjoys the living, gardening, and hiking in the beautiful setting of both Nelson, B.C. and Victoria, B.C. Canada.



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